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Jacky was 46 years old and had been working for this company for some 15 years now. She worked her way up by taking various courses and it had been a tremendous disappointed for her when her boss left and she did not get his job. Someone else from outside the company got it instead. From the first day onwards that Martin showed up at the office Jacky hated him immensely. And although she had to admit he was the right guy for the job, she still had problems with the fact that the job had not been hers. As she was going to work for him as his assistant, the extra disadvantage was the fact that she was saw him all day long and every day. But what was totally crazy about this situation was that when she lay in her bed at night, she would have really exciting dreams about Martin, dreams in which they would end up in the most exciting situations which made here really hot. When she had sex with her husband, she thought about Martin and had consequently the most wonderful orgasms. Her sex life even changed, had she been a bit shy and awaiting events to come, it now happened repeatedly that she took initiative. She encouraged her husband by talking dirty to him And although her husband did wonder why this sudden change, he did not complain and enjoyed the fact that his wife had suddenly turned into such a sexy and exciting woman. Gone was her respectable underwear and instead Jacky now wore beautiful lingerie, such as quarter cup bra's and open crotch tanga's, suspenders with stockings and open cup bodies. She did not feel guilty at all. Maybe her husband was thinking of someone else too when he was fucking her. After all she had already caught him once with a stiff prick while watching the new woman next door in her bikini lying in the garden. And now she was in the car together with Martin after they had had a meeting at a client's. Sometimes she would like at him out of the corner of her eye, and thought he was really very attractive. Only 32 years old, long and muscled with dark hair and naughty dark eyes. If only he knew how she had the hots for him at night and how she would climax only by thinking of him. For more than an hour they were now standing still in a traffic-jam due to an accident and she was starting to have problems with her bladder. She had to pee urgently. Her stomach was hurting. She moaned softly. Martin immediately asked her: "Is something wrong, Jacky. Are you not feeling ok?" O my god, he had heard her. Only honesty could help her. "Mart, I have to pee really bad and there is no place where I can go". Martin however, had a quite remarkable solution. "You open the door of the car and I will stand in front of you so you will be protected from both sides." Gratefully she looked at him and got out of the car. Within seconds he was standing in front of her. "Go on then, he encouraged her, nobody will see you." She pulled her tight black skirt from her suit upwards and Martin saw a lovely butterfly tanga without crotch with a beautifully shaven pussy of which the moist labia glistened. He felt his body react and how his prick became stiff. Jacky sat on her heels and held the car with one hand while the other opened her pussy. Totally fixated Martin now looked at what she was doing. And for the first time he did not see his cool assistant in front of him but an immensely hot and sexy woman. A woman with beautiful legs and a full arse. With nice thighs and firm tits his hands would love to hold. Relieved Jacky let go of her pee. The golden liquid found its way over her hand while her fingers played with her wet pussy. She was really hot because of the fact that Martin watched her. Martin saw how her fingers went in and out of her pussy while she was peeing. She looked up at him and he saw how turned on she was. She was now openly playing with herself in front of him and that made him excited too. He could see how her climax was coming, how her eyes were closing and how her fingers were going faster and faster. He heard himself saying: "Go on then girl, let yourself go. Make yourself come in front of me." He then saw how waves of pleasure shot through her body while she called out: "O yes, yes, o god, I am coming, I am coming, I am cominggggggg......." With her pussy still dripping wet she stood up and looked at him defiantly. He took her hand and one by one he licked her fingers. "God Jacky, you do taste wonderful. And no, leave the skirt like that, I love to see that beautiful cunt of yours and touch it of course." It seemed like a dream to Jacky. But she had heard him say that he enjoyed her. Back in the car he told her to call her husband because they will in a traffic- jam and that she would be very late as they were now going to have some dinner first. He looked at her. "There is an hotel at the next exit and we are going to book a room there and then I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. You have made me so incredibly horny." Jacky shivered with excited. It was really going to happen.
Booking a room took them only minutes and in the elevator Martin could not control himself anymore. One by one he unbuttoned Jacky's blouse and looked at two of the most gorgeous tits he had ever seen, which seemed to fall right out of her bra. He sucked her big brown nipples and Jacky moaned with pleasure. They finally reached their room. Within seconds Jacky was standing naked in front of Martin while she tried to undress him. She pulled his shirt en tie while he helped her to untie his pants. When she finally saw what came out she could not refrain from moaning. So big and fat, with a beautiful purple head. She licked her lips. "And what do you think, you horny bitch, you like my stiff cock, do you?". Jacky could only nod. She dropped down to her knees and grabbed that nice peace of meat with both hands. Her head went down while she opened her mouth. He felt how she licked the head of his cock, and how her wet mouth swallowed his cock completely. Her head moved up and down sucking him while her hands pumped his prick. She did not forget his balls. It was very exciting to see how her head with the red curls sucked his cock. But he knew she had to stop now otherwise he would already squirt his semen into her mouth. He grabbed her softly and pulled her up. She looked at him disappointedly. "That was so nice, don't you want to come?", she asked him. "We have all the time in the world, babe. First we are going to enjoy ourselves. Go sit on the bed, on your knees, then I will go taste and indulge that nice pussy of yours." Now that was something Jacky did not need to be told twice. Martin indulged her pussy with his vibrating tongue, his nose and his fingers and soon Jacky started to grind her hips to and fro in rythm with his tongue. She felt how Martin not only indulged her pussy but also extended his field of work to her asshole. She was glad that she had used her new vib on her asshole in order to get used to bigger things, so this was not going to be a problem now. First he was licking her asshole, making it very wet, before ramming his fingers up her asshole, and then she could not do anything more than moaning with pleasure. She moved her asscheeks up and down in order to get his fingers as deep as possible. She bent over so she could lean on her arms. She felt how he spread her ass cheeks wide and he gasped: "O baby, I want to fuck your ass." Now she gasped as his shaft opened her and then slowly slid inside. He drilled the tip of his cock into the tight opening of her ass. Although she had practised, it was not easy for Jacky, she bit her lips while the big monster tried to enter her asshole. Mart was careful and while he enjoyed her beautiful cheeks and her tight hole he waited till the pain would stop. Then he increased the tempo of his thrusts. Jacky started to relax and move with him, and Martin feeling her enjoyment now, made his movements harder and deeper. So deep, he could get any deeper. "You like that, honey, you like being fucked in your ass?", he groaned. Jacky moaned. His hand went looking for her clit while fucking her ass. "O God, Mart, fuck me, fuck me harder, this is so good, aahaaaaaaaa yes o yes". He could not stop himself and moved his hips to and fro, his cock as deep as possible and back again. "O Mart, this is so good, fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass, you come in ass. Unhg! Ungh! Ungh! Owwnnggh! Auunngg! Ohnng! Unghh!" Jacky grunted as Mart's cock ripped into her ass again and again. His balls slammed her sweaty cheeks. Mart gasped for air while drilling her taut ass and playing with her clit. Jacky was close now to her climax and he to his. Suddenly she sobbed: "Oh Mart, deeper, deeper honey, I am almost there, I am cumminggggg ....". She squeezed her cheeks together and her body started to shake and to twist with pleasure. This was the sign for Martin to let go of his self-control. He exploded and squirted big globs of his sperm into her gut while he held her cheeks in order to pump his seed into her to the last drip. Then he collapsed and kissed her. "I am going to take a shower", Jacky said, and Martin looked at her fabulous body with the big swinging tits and the vibrating cheeks erupting with his semen when she walked in the direction of the bathroom. A few minutes later he heard the sound of running water. Mmmmmm, he thought, maybe we can shower together, and went after her. He opened the door from the shower and moved in with her. He took the soap from her hands and started to wash her with it. First he soaped her tits till the nipples were hard and standing straight up. "O Mart, Jacky gasped, you cannot get enough, right?" Hij grinned, and answered: "If I had known that my cool assistant was such a hot bitch, I would have grabbed you ages ago" and soaped some more now in the direction of her pussy. He went down to sit on the floor of the shower cabin so he could see properly and pushed her pussy lips aside. The soap was now forgotten and he went in search of her clit. And while he was playing with her clit, Jacky leaned backwards so she could move her legs a little wider and Martin had better access to her pussy. She moaned: " Mar, o yes, that is so good, go on, please go on", while he now continued with his mouth. He pushed his tongue into her wet pussy. She grabbed his head and pushed him even deeper into her cunt. She closed her eyes because she wanted to concentrate completely on cumming. She felt how her climax came closer and pushed her pussy against his mouth. "Mart, Mart, yes, suck my clit, go on, make me come, o god, it is so nice what you do, ohhhhhh......yesssssssssss.......ohhhhhhhh.......god, I am cumminggggggggggg........." He continued to suck and lick her clit till all shakings left her body. Then he stood up and pulled her out of the shower into the bedroom. She lay down on the floor with him on top of her. Jacky opened her legs and his stick cock found her hole without any problems. "Yes, yes, yes, he moaned, o god I love your pussy." He rammed his cock inside her, in and out and pinched her nipples quite roughly. His balls hit her pussy while he was fucking her. Jacky encouraged him. "Come on, baby, let go of yourself. Fuck this horny slutty pussy. She wants to be fucked, you can feel that, cannot you, you want it too. You want to pump this horny slut totally full with your seed. O Mart, you are so nice and hard." That his cool assistant was talking dirty, made Mart pump her cunt even harder and harder. His seed was looking for a way out. "O Jacky, I am cumming, I am cumming, you slut, I am pumping you full, o god, I fill your pussy, o god, yesssssssss.....ohhhhhhhhhhh.......uhggggggggggg.......yesssssssss.....yesssss......" Jacky felt how his body tensed and how hot semen was being pumped into her pussy. Completely exhausted he fell down on her body and murmered into her ear: "A cool appearance, but incredibly hot underneath. Let's keep it that way, my sweet hot bitch." Jacky's smile spoke volumes. She was happy that this was going to be a repeat performance.
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